Public healthcare in Hungary


Public healthcare is provided by the state. To have access to public healthcare you need to have compulsory health insurance or private health insurance. On this link you can find more information about the health care system in Hungary (in English):


The public health care system is based on the social security system. If you are employed, self-employed, on pension or you receive job seeking support you become insured automatically. Everyone under 18 years old or you study in higher education you are insured as well.

If you are an EU citizen and you are insured in your home country the health care is free of charge for you if you hold a European Health Insurance Card.

If you don’t belong to one of these groups you have to pay 7110 HUF (23 € in 2017) per a month if you want to be part of the system.


The public health care performs these tasks:

  • Preventive care: Prevention and early detection of diseases. The prevention of epidemics, screenings, environmental and employment health care, family and women protection belong to this part of the system as well.
  • Primary care: based on the network of general practitioners, dentists, health visitors and school doctors.
  • Outpatient care: onefold or occasional special care for health problems which doesn’t require inpatient care. The general doctors in the primary care system can send the patients to this part of the health care system.
  • Inpatient care: continuous treatment of patient during continuous stay in a hospital or in other institutions (e.g. clinic, sanatorium).


The general practitioners have their own schedule. Out of the office hours there are doctors on duty.

The patients are sent to outpatient and to inpatient care by the general practitioners. After receiving the referral you have to make appointment with the health service provider institution.


Map about Hungarian hospitals (in Hungarian):

Hospitals in Hungary

Impatient care in Hungary

Here you can find the list of the Hungarian hospitals (with address and phone number) which provide inpatient care (in Hungarian):